About ECC

"The Ecumenical Christian Center (ECC) was established in 1963 by a stalwart late Rev. Dr. M. A. Thomas, with the vision of promoting the unity of humankind as an expression of radical obedience to Christ. ECC offers a forum for believers and non-believers alike to congregate and engage in dialogues on moral and ethical values and for social change and harmony. In the words of Rev. Dr. M. A. Thomas, the role of the Center is to promote and strengthen the winds of change. Through its action oriented study, the center seeks to create ripples and more ripples which will converge one day. In his autobiography, Rev. Thomas writes: "As long as the Centre exists, its prime message is that humankind is one, irrespective of caste, colour, creed and sex.” He served the Centre with distinction till he voluntarily retired in 1980. He died on June 25, 1993 and is buried at the ECC campus.
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